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Zeamly for mobility develops seamless solutions and value-based customer experiences in order to disrupt the private fossil fuel car ownership as the only option for convenience.

Zeamly is an Associate Partner of the North-American based globally operating movmi and

a cohort of 100+ women leaders and experts in transportation EmpowerWISM, empower women in shared mobility. 

EmpowerWISM is a collaboration between movmiABBUITPPOLISStanford UniversityMobility Cooperative the largest vehicle-sharing scheme in Switzerland and female experts from all around the globe.


Did you know that worldwide less than 22% of the transportation workforce is female and of those less than 3% are in a CEO position? Zeamly belongs to that small group of emerging female led and founded companies.

MOBILITY-as-an-EXPERIENCE powered by Zeamly

MOBILITY-as-an-EXPERIENCE powered by Zeamly

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Zeamly Mobility-as-an-Experience experimental prototype in collaboration with the Danish GreenMobility A/S

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