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We connect urban people with technologies for an environmental impact.


Zeamly develops smart and regenerative city solutions in partnerships with urban people, 

corporates and public sector stakeholders. Our urban design offering includes IoT concepts and engagement of users through creative and participatory practices such as co-innovating and co-designing.


We are devoted to engage user groups inclusively for transforming urban environments into carbon neutral cities. For example, children and youth are oftentimes disregarded group in this context. Nevertheless, the new generations pay the highest health price for particulate matter, such as vehicle exhaust, on a low street level, traffic safety hazards, biodiversity loss the construction and infrastructure industry causes and societal outbreaks.

Zeamly's first case in this business area steamed from the City of Turku urban development competition as Zeamly winning the partnership for implementation. The carbon neutral city experience for kids and youth winning case was followed by a participatory project with the user group.

Screenshot 2021-12-01 at 13.00.50.png

Carbon neutral city experience for kids and youth

in partnership with the City of Turku in Finland.  

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